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Beauty Experiment : 1 Month of Washing my Face with Water

Washing Face with Water
My Beauty Experiment  

My skin is in a good place right now as far as acne is concerned or I would never even consider this (read acne history below)!  My main focus is preservation and care of this extremely sensitive skin on my face and neck.  I have always washed my face morning and night and used moisturizers but sometimes in the mornings my face would feel a bit dry after cleansing.  A friend mentioned to me that she washes her face with water only.  That is unless she wears makeup and then she’ll use a cleanser.  I was shocked to say the least!  She has such beautiful skin and she only uses water and moisturizer?  I realize that this may be a matter of genetics but I have to give it a try…

  • For 1 Month I’m going to wash my face at night time only using my regular face wash to remove makeup
  • After washing my face at night time I’ll use a good moisturizer on my face and neck to seal in moisture (it’s all about moisture)
  • In the mornings I’ll wash my face with water and a washcloth but no cleansers (fingers crossed)
  • After washing my face in the morning I’ll use a good moisturizer and follow with my regular makeup routine
  • I’ll be posting an update at the end of each week on my findings

What I Hope to Find   

Considering the skin on the face and neck are so very sensitive and some of the ingredients in these face products can be very harsh I’m hoping to find an alternative that will be much gentler on my skin…

  • My skin should look healthier from not using face wash twice a day but instead rinsing with water in the mornings for 1 Month
  • If I cleanse and moisturize my face at night then my face should still be clean in the morning…I’ll know if this theory isn’t true if I start breaking out (yikes!!!)
  • Water is a much gentler method to cleanse in the mornings but still leave behind some of the natural oils that develop over the night helping to balance the pH of my skin
  • By not using these chemicals as much it will make my skin less oily and reduce pore size
  •  By reducing pore size that should lessen the likelihood of pores becoming clogged thereby minimizing breakouts (a girl can dream can’t she???)
  • Ultimately I want to treat this very sensitive skin as sensitively as it should be treated so that it will look and feel great for the rest of my life (and of course prevent crows feet, jowls, and wrinkles in general)

My Acne History

I have always struggled with my skin.  As a teenager and into my adult years I’ve always had an oily T-zone, particularly my nose.  I’ve had two cycles of Accutane, once when I was 14 and then again when I was 20.  Both times helped tremendously with my breakouts and oily skin.  I then continued to see a dermatologist who prescribed a medicated face wash routine for day and night followed with an oral prescription until I was 29.  That was up until my first pregnancy and I couldn’t use any of those products as they were unsafe for baby.  Amazingly when my 1st baby, Big Boy, was born I was blessed with a healthy baby boy and clear skin!  My skin was clear for the first time in my life without seeing the dermatologist.  Then 1 1/2 years later my 2nd baby, Lil Bit, was born and I was again blessed with a healthy baby boy along with cystic acne (yuk!!!).  My skin never reverted back to as horrible as it was before but now it’s oily, I have large pores that get very easily clogged, and my skin reacts to everything.  I can’t even rest my cheek on my sons head without it resulting in a breakout.  I never change anything as far as makeup or face wash because my skin is that hypersensitive.

 I’m either a genius or completely crazy to try this little beauty experiment but continue to follow and see the results at the end of each week

Planning for the Future

At 33 I’ve finally figured out how to manage my acne.  I amazingly get compliments on my complexion and I feel that makes it worth all the struggle.  I’ve figured out how to wear my makeup so that I’m not worrying about my shiny nose all day.  I think I heard somewhere that if you have oily skin that you’re less likely to get wrinkles…we’ll see.  I’m working with what I’ve got!  I eat a healthy diet to get the nutrients that my skin and body need.  I also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated on the inside, and I always wear lotions and moisturizers to hydrate my skin on the outside.  So what is left to plan for…all of the changes that my skin will face in the future like wrinkles (ahhh!!!).  I want to do what I can now to protect my skin so that it will look great in the future.  I want to age gracefully and I intend on doing so with any nonsurgical means and methods that are at my disposal.

So here we go! 1 month to better skin!!!
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  • Have you ever heard of washing your face with just water?
  • Have you tried this before?
  • What about removing makeup with oil?
  • Do you have any bizarre methods of maintenance to share?

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