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10 Signs Which Indicate That You Are Headed To Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is becoming a common health issue amongst people of all ages and from all part of the world. The increased level of noise pollution is recognized as one of the leading causes of the ailment. Additionally, it could be attributed to an array of chronic health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression and more. Whatever may be the cause of hearing loss, early detection and treatment can make all the difference when it comes to saving your ear function in the long run. There are some key symptoms that you should be aware of to identify the problem right from its onset. Let’s check the 10 signs that indicate an impending loss of hearing:

  1. Inability to hear properly on telephone: One of the initial signs of losing your capacity to hear is inability to understand telephonic conversations. Most of the people keep raising the volume levels of their cell phones while talking on them. This might be an involuntary action but may actually point out to the fact that the hearing capacity is on a decline.
  2. Straining while hearing conversations: If you find yourself straining every time you are a part of a conversation, this is a sign to consider seriously because it may signal that your ears are not working well enough. It could result in physical fatigue or headaches but you may fail to identify the underlying reason.
  3. Difficulty in following a conversation between many people: Another sign that you are gradually being deprived of your hearing ability is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to follow conversations that involve many people. This usually hampers the ability to process multiple signals and you may end up confused and incoherent when a number of people are speaking together.
  4. People do not seem to speak clearly: Even if you are not talking to a group of people, you may find that they are not speaking clearly. You may have a feeling that you can hear things but cannot understand them. This is a strong indication that you are heading towards hearing loss.
  5. Misunderstanding what people say: It is common for people to misunderstand a part of or the entire conversations. Most of the time, you may be embarrassed when something like this happens but still fail to comprehend the gravity of the situation. This is usually one of the early signs of loss of hearing.
  6. Playing music or TV at high volumes: Have your neighbors complained that you play the music or television too loud? The matter could be as serious for you as it is for them because it is an indicating that your ears are not working well enough.
  7. Becoming frustrated in the midst of conversations: There may be times when you are a part of a conversation but lose track in between and feel totally frustrated in the conversation. This is a matter of concern if it happens time and again because it may be a signal of being susceptible to hearing loss in the coming time.
  8. Trouble hearing in noisy environment: It is not unusual to have trouble hearing when loud music is playing or you are watching a movie in cinema hall. With those suffering from hearing loss, it becomes an every-time occurrence as they are not able to mask out the noise in the background and focus on what is being said.
  9. Specific sounds are hard to hear: Differential hearing is one of the starting signals of this problem. It occurs when you are able to hear and recognize specific sounds like the voice of men and unable to hear another set of sounds like the voice of women and children. This happens when the ears are not able to process all the sound frequencies.
  10. Asking others to repeat what they have said: If you frequently ask others to repeat what they have said, you definitely need an appointment with a hearing specialist. Even though you may think that this is something normal, it indicates that you are not able to process some sound signals properly.

Being vigilant can help you detect a hearing problem early and get help before more damage is done. Yet, hearing loss is not the end of the road as there are options available for such patients. Doug Harris from Ear Horn, mentions that many hearing aids are available in the market and can effectively be used to handle the condition and restore this physical function in the most miraculous way. All you need to do is to find the right professional and the right piece of equipment and you can hear loud and clear as before!

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