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Farmer George’s Busy Morning

Farmer George’s Busy Morning

Farmer George’s Busy Morning does an excellent job of teaching children the love and hard work that goes into farming.  But this is more than a book about farm life.  This book demonstrates responsibility not only to animals but to the environment as well.

Farmer George’s Busy Morning is a children’s book about a dedicated Farmer and his two helpful Jack Russells, Evie and Lilly.  The story takes place as Farmer George goes about his early morning chores.  The eager pups stand guard as he cares for the ducks, goats, and other livestock.  From checking the water supply to securing the fences these are jobs that need to be done every day for the well being of the animals.  He completes all these tasks before sitting down to a nice breakfast with his wife.

In the last few pages Clare and Kurt Bickers, the authors, go on to explain that Farmer George is modeled after their father.  There are photos of the actual Farmer George and his farmland in Australia.  There is also a Question and Answer page to help open up a dialog with children about the importance of how we look after our environment, our animals, and where our food comes from.  At the very back are coloring pages from the story.

With each book that is purchased the profits are used to plant trees.

At FarmtimeStories.com their vision is

to improve the future for our children by selling entertaining and educational media  and investing the profits into creating forests and supporting green energy ventures.

Why raise money for planting trees by way of children’s books?  Well, because giving them a healthy planet to live on and prosper for generations to come is the best gift we can ever give.  Clare Bickers informed me that they have recently planted 1000 trees with the profits from the book sales!

“You buy our book and we plant trees.”

Farmer George’s Busy Morning can either be purchased for $15 hardback or $3 eBook by using these links below.



Help follow along and support the Bickers on Farmer George’s Busy Morning Social Media and learn more about their Vision on  http://www.farmtimestories.com/

Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/farmtimestories

Twitter       https://twitter.com/farmtimestories

Full Disclosure:  I received this product for testing purposes from FarmTimeStories.com.  If you would like to purchase this product please use the links provided.  I only recommend products or services I believe will add value to my readers. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.  Thank you as always for reading and your ongoing support!  

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