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Positive Thinking 101: Put on a Happy Face

Positive Thinking 101: Put on a Happy Face

It really is that simple!

Wake up and decide to push everything that is worrisome aside and put on your happy face. For me that entails spending 5 minutes extra getting ready doing my hair and make up,  putting on an outfit that I feel confident in, and deciding that no matter how big a mess I may be on the inside…I look pulled together on the outside!

~look good…feel good~

It’s a choice.  You can either drag through your day by sulking and frowning and wallowing in all that is wrong in the world…or you can soar through your day by laughing and smiling and showing your gratitude for the good fortunes you do have.

As I tell my toddler, make a good choice and do things the easy way!

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