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Candy Free Easter Party Treat Bags

Candy Free Easter
I love giving treats to my boys class but I don’t like to pass out candy.  I know I’m an old fuddy duddy but we don’t eat candy in our home so why would I give it to someone elses child.  Whenever they get candy at school they bring it home and it sits in the pantry and none of it gets eaten.  I find that to be very wasteful.

I do however love to give a snack or a little party favor.

I start planning to make these Candy Free Easter Party Treat Bags well in advance.  That gives me plenty of time to get ideas and comparison shop.  I happened to find an assortment of bubbles that were all Easter themed in the Target $1 bins.  They were 2 for a $1 so that was a great deal.  I also found the bunny bags $1.99 for 20 which was exactly how many I needed.  Last I found the Goldfish and Yogurt covered Raisins (not pictured) all with an Easter theme individually packaged 30 for $4.99 a piece.  As for the tags, I had those leftover from a previous project.  Perfect!!!

I thought this came together very nicely and inexpensively as well.  An Easter Party Bag like this would be great for class parties, Sunday school classes, birthdays that fall around Easter, and Easter gifts for Grandchildren.

What are some things you do for class parties?

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