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5 Detox Drinks That You Should Know About

The value of detoxification is immense for the human body as it not only keeps you in a good shape but also ensures optimal health. Primarily, the liver is the organ that is responsible for the elimination of harmful toxins from the body. But you may want to give it some extra support if you have been doing some binge eating and drinking recently. Why not try a detox drink then? There are several drinks that have been identified to deliver proven detoxifying benefits and enhancing the natural detox process manifold. These drinks are capable of reducing your weight, shrinking the bulge, revving up your metabolism and clearing up your skin, all by eliminating the deeply lodged toxins from your system. And the elevated energy levels come as a bonus. Let’s talk about some amazing detox drinks that you must absolutely know about.

Red Juices

First on the list is the elixir of nature that comes from red fruits and vegetables and has powerful impact on the detoxification process. Pomegranate juice, for instance, is high in ellagic acid, a natural antioxidant that supports the liver in performing its detox function. Another acclaimed red juice is beet juice, which has been used in the Chinese medicine system for centuries. Beet juice is a natural blood purifier and also enhances the energy levels and athletic endurance.

Coconut Water

If you are looking for a delicious, ready-to-use detox drink, then coconut water is your best bet. It makes a great remedy for alcoholic hangovers as it works wonderfully to rehydrate the body. Coconut water is high in electrolytes such as sodium and potassium that play a key role in maintaining the fluid levels in the body. Additionally, it is rich in enzymes that promote the digestive function. Not only is coconut water an excellent detox drink but also works as a healthful post-workout drink.

Green Tea

The benefits of green tea are numerous and one of these is that it helps in the elimination of harmful toxins from the body gently and naturally. Green tea is a rich source of polyphenols, the potent antioxidants that cut down the formation of free radicals which are responsible for oxidative damage to the cells. Also, the drink is a hardcore metabolic booster that has the potential to accelerate the fat burning process manifold.

Herbal Tea (Ginger/Peppermint)

Another healthy concoction that you can include in your daily diet to stimulate the detoxification function is herbal tea. Herbs such as ginger and peppermint are considered to be the most beneficial in this context. Ginger is effective for treating indigestion and removing excess gas and toxic wastes from the body. Peppermint is a carminative herb that soothes the stomach muscles and stimulates the digestive function. A compromise in the digestion puts your body at the risk of toxic accumulation. By promoting digestion, these herbal concoctions remove these toxins from the body and get it back on track.

Lemon juice and water

One of the most effective detox remedies that have been used for ages is a mixture of lemon juice and warm water taken every morning on empty stomach. You can add a dash of honey to make the drink more palatable and effective as well. Even though lemons are acidic, they are known to have an alkaline effect post-digestion. Alkalization plays a key role in reducing inflammation and also cleanses the liver. The citric acid found in lemons stimulates the enzyme function which boosts the performance of the liver.

Rescue Detox Ice

Besides these natural drinks, this is a powerful cleansing product that you can use for more serious concerns beyond weight loss. Now the question is what is rescue detox ice and how does it work? A potent blend of science and nature, this drink eliminates toxins fast and effectively from the body. It not only purges the body for good health but also serves as a rescue detoxifier for those who want to pass drug tests for professional reasons. It works by diluting the urine to such an extent that toxins become undetectable and are flushed out fast from the body.

Now that you know all about drinks that promote detoxification, you should have a plan of action to use them to your advantage. Natural detox drinks can be easily integrated into your daily routine and becoming habitual to them is the best thing that you can do for your body. On the other hand, you can opt for a rescue drink in more serious situations when you absolutely need a detox fast.

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