Embracing The Good Life
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John 14:20 Inspirational Scripture

John 14:20

Open your eyes with the Lord as your guide.

When I was a child I first toddled behind my father gripping his thumb as he lead me from place to place.  I remember holding only his thumb because his hands were so big they swallowed mine whole.  As I grew taller we walked together with his hand resting on my shoulder and my arm across his back, my thumb threaded tightly into his belt loop.  I walked beside him as he pointed out treasures that had been discarded at garage sales and flea markets.  He could see the value in these everyday things when no one else could.  He would restore these items to their original beauty and resell them for a king’s ransom.  When my Father walked me down the aisle on my wedding day he took my wrist from his arm and placed it securely into my Husbands trustworthy hands.  My Father gave us his blessing and has been proud of the life we have made.  He offers us advice when asked and he is always there with his love and support.

Everywhere I went with my Father I felt safe and secure.  I knew that I was protected as long as I had him near.  I knew that I would see no harm but instead I would see the world around me with my hand in his.  My Father used every moment to teach me to appreciate my surroundings with a patient heart.

On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. -John 14:20

The Lord has given us too much beauty in this world for us to just whisk past it unnoticed.  He is our guide through this life to lead us but also to shield us from harm.  For some He takes by the hand and others its a gentle push but He is always there to show the way.  We can all afford to slow down and listen to His calming voice and discover the treasures hidden around us for He is our Shepherd.  Let Him restore you so that you can watch the beauty of the setting sun and wake to feel the freshness of the predawn.  Never feel lost or alone because He is within us all!

~be present and appreciate today~

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