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Root Touch Up

Root Touch Up How To using Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore

Even though I’m a professional hairdresser it’s not always convenient to color my hair…especially because I’m a brunette who has unfortunatley turned gray at a very early age.

Wha Wha

So that being said those of you who join in my pain understand that the grays start gleaming their glimmering bright shiny new growth about a week and a half to two weeks after getting a tint applied. And, since I don’t have time to be coloring my hair every two weeks (yes I can do it myself but I really don’t have the time) I have searched and found the answer to our problem…

duh duh duh da!

As a color professional I have to say that the Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore pen really is a great root touch up with amazing gray coverage! It’s so simple to use and practically fool proof. I recommend this product to all of my clients who are needing to do a little root touch up in between appointments.  I bought mine at Ulta for $26 after tax. Their are six shades that are very easy to choose from and match to your desired color.  I’m a true believer that this little pen will do the trick to help you hold your head up high while those grays are shining bright.

Application for root touch up:

  • begin with dry hair (clean or dirty)
  • the Oscar Blandi pen is easy to control you just click it like a lip gloss (not too much) and when you need more you click more…no worry of it going everywhere
  • part a little off to the right of the way you like to part your hair
  • then hold your hair tight toward your regular part and brush the strands with the pen vigorously
  • do NOT touch your scalp but get as close as you can…touching the scalp makes it look to saturated and obvious
  • next part a little to the left of your part and repeat…this covers the biggest problem area
  • treat hairline in the same manor by parting hair forward and brushing toward face a few sections
  • if necessary on hairline pull hair back and brush with pen away from face as well
  • the Oscar Blandi stick comes with a tiny comb that I don’t really care for so I just use a fine tooth comb instead and comb hair one time in the direction it will be styled where the pen has been applied…I don’t know if the combing it’s completely necessary but it just makes me feel better doing it
  • then style as desired

or if your only a little gray in a few areas for root touch up

  • begin with dry hair (clean or dirty)
  • style as desired
  • click the Oscar Blandi pen (not too much) like a lip gloss
  • without disturbing your style find the key areas that show
  • pull these sections tight and brush the whole section vigorously until the desired effect is reached
  • if you can comb do, if not don’t

This amazing little pen’s color goes where you want it to go and it stays where you want it to stay.  It won’t run or drip if you are working out or caught in the rain.  The color won’t fade.  So one application will last you until your next shampoo whether its every 2days/3days/or once a week.  It won’t end up on your hands or you pillow case.  It stays put until you wash it out and then you return back to your grays or as we professionals like to refer to them as “natural highlights”.

Keep in mind this will give you major coverage if you spend more time applying then I did in the above pictures.   I have clients that are 100% gray and are as faithful as I am to this product.  The best part about the Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore pen is it is so small I carry it in my make up bag so I’m never caught with my grays out.

Look Good ~ Feel Good

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