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Sharing is Caring : Love my Boys

Love my boys…Simple Moments

This morning my three old kept begging for a drink of water over and over. It seemed like his poor little mouth must have been as dry as the Sahara. So obviously I gave him a drink, and naturally baby brother starts in on the same routine. Begging and pleading for anything to drink. And then, miracle of miracles, my precious three year old hands his baby brother his cup after only a few sips, and shares… We spend so much time teaching them about sharing and thinking all the while that it’s falling on deaf ears.  I have resorted to using the phrase

~sharing is caring~

I think most parents have uttered this phrase at least once.

But when the act of sharing actually takes place (and between siblings nonetheless) it fills my heart to the brim.  I’m so proud to see my boys looking after each other even in the simplest of matters.

It’s important to appreciate and to take note of these small gestures.  Give praise and remember that these are the moments that fill our lives with joy!

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