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Q&A | with a potato bowl theme

I had a bunch of questions occur in about the potato/sausage/veggie bowl I designed the other night when Zoe was at perform I often make versions of this variety of thing when I’m feeding just me. 🙂

So, let us start out with that, and we’ll also squeeze in a couple of other reader thoughts.

What type of sausage did you use in your mashed potato bowl?

mashed potato bowl with sausage and veggies.

A lot of you questioned this!

It was just portion of a a person-pound block of Italian sausage I broke it up and browned it in a incredibly hot forged-iron skillet, and that is likely extra key than picking out a distinct kind of sausage.

Brown issues totally in a sizzling pan with some body fat, and they will typically style fantastic. 😉

How do you make mashed potatoes for a person?

Zoe doesn’t truly like mashed potatoes, so if I want them, I have to make them for a person!

I just peel a several potatoes, reduce them into chunks, boil them until they’re tender, and then include eyeballed quantities of butter, salt, pepper, and product/milk/50 % and 50 % (regardless of what I have on hand.)

mashed Yukon Gold potatoes

I generally close up with many servings, so I consume one serving fresh, and then I eat the rest leftover.

Like, occasionally I will take in mashed potatoes for breakfast, topped with an egg or two, with a side of veggies.

mashed potatoes with fried eggs.

Or in some cases I get a minimal fancier. 😉

Potato patty with sausage and guacamole.

I also occasionally like to take in mashed sweet potatoes this is super effortless if I have roasted a bunch of sweet potatoes I just mash up a handful of, insert butter, salt, and pepper, heat them up, and I’m excellent to go.

baked sweet potatoes.

Do you prep veggies ahead of time for your bowls? This looks like a whole lot of operate for just one human being.

I never generally prep ahead. From time to time I do bake a bunch of sweet potatoes at a single time (as pointed out previously mentioned), but ordinarily I’m producing my egg/potato/veggie bowls on the fly.

An egg, bean, and veggie bowl.

This allows me do a speedy fridge scan to see what’s most urgently needing to be used and then I work around that.

My skillet meals definitely never look like that considerably work to me eggs prepare dinner speedy, and it doesn’t get prolonged to slice up some veggies and brown them.

Even potatoes are rather fast receiving a few servings worth of potatoes slice up for mashed potatoes goes rapidly, and chopping up a several potatoes to make wedges doesn’t just take long.

breakfast potatoes and eggs.


(Here’s my mystery for making quick potato cubes/wedges that really don’t burn.)

That mashed potato bowl I built was almost certainly a 20-30 moment endeavor start to end, which is on the more time facet of factors. If it’s just sauteed veggies and eggs, which is probably 5-10 minutes of work.

If we’re evaluating this to takeout, I preserve in head that selecting up takeout doesn’t choose zero minutes it does get time to location an buy and drive there and back again.

Furthermore, most takeout I’d get would almost certainly be a small less nutrient-dense than my potato bowl.

Also, takeout would be far additional high-priced, and it would not help me use up my fridge contents.

green salad with eggs and potatoes.

One other reason I do this: I feel feeding myself well is an vital form of self-treatment.

Initially, it is an acknowledgment that I issue. Even if it’s just me below, perfectly, I am worth cooking for.

Kristen and Chiquita.


And secondly, feeding my cells properly is gonna make me sense at least as good as other issues we ordinarily believe of as self-care.

I’m not towards massages or pedicures, clearly I just think that cooking a nutrient-dense, tasty food for yourself should also be thought of a variety of self-care. 🙂

(I also place sleep prioritization and common exercise in this classification!)

A roasted carrot modification

I posted a recipe for roasted carrots several years back, making use of a Cook’s Illustrated recipe. Those carrots are super superior, but I have critically streamlined the method due to the fact then.

easy roasted carrots

Initial, I really don’t use any foil or parchment paper at all now (more cost-effective! Additional eco-friendly!)

Next, I really don’t mix anything at all in a bowl very first.

I place some butter on the sheet pan, stick it in the sizzling oven for a several minutes to soften the butter, and then I take it out, add the carrots, time with salt and pepper, combine it all up, and put the pan in the oven.

Considerably less mess, less dishes, more quickly carrots.

I edited the authentic recipe with these improvements, but I believed I really should also explain to you right here. 🙂

I lately built pizza crust making use of your recipe, and I want to know if the crust can be frozen prior to cooking, if possible in the ball phase. If so, at which level of prep would I do it?


I would make the dough and freeze it appropriate after I completed kneading it.

homemade pizza

Then I’d enable it thaw at space temperature (all through this time, the yeast must have sufficient time to multiply, thus compensating for the absence of a first rise), and at the time it is thawed and is absolutely at home temperature, you must be in a position to proceed with the recipe.

It will get a while for the dough to thaw if it is in a ball condition, so be absolutely sure to give on your own loads of time till you figure out how extensive the thawing process takes at your household.

homemade pepperoni pizza

Just one note: I acquired by trial and mistake that yeast dough does not retain forever if it is in the freezer for far more than a couple months, you hazard acquiring dough that won’t rise, and that can make for an particularly dense pizza crust.

Inedible, really. Ha.

Here’s the pizza crust recipe that I use.

In circumstance you really don’t simply click the previously mentioned hyperlink: for seriously wonderful selfmade pizza, I extremely advise receiving a pizza stone and heating it up super hot for an hour ahead of sliding your pizza in the oven to bake. It makes a insane distinction in how good your selfmade pizza is.

Have confidence in me. 🙂

Also, right here are 5 causes that your homemade pizza is horrible (furthermore how to resolve it!)

I reread your article on how to market guides on eBay and was wondering if you know the place to purchase the guide mailers in bulk or exactly where they are least expensive? I want to start off promoting my books and know you are going to steer me in the most frugal way)



I never imagine I have acquired a shipping envelope in my full lifestyle, in fact. I just help save the ones that my very own on the net purchases come in, and that keeps me sufficiently provided! That way, packing tape is the only shipping offer I have to obtain.

ebay packages.


I frequently use the Amazon-branded padded envelopes, and it has never ever brought on a dilemma. So, my greatest suggestion is to have a minimal area to stash delivery envelopes for long run use.


Considering the fact that I’m not a super higher-volume eBay vendor, sometimes I finish up with much more shipping deals than I want, and when that happens, I list some on my Obtain Very little team.


package in mailbox.


So, that is a further strategy: if you have to have some, test inquiring on your Invest in Practically nothing team. Probably there is anyone out there like me who has extras. 🙂

Readers, what do you have to incorporate to my solutions?

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