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Heroes of The City Baby App

Heroes of the City Baby App Review

Facts about the Baby App
The app is completely free, with no advertising and has no in-app purchases.  Everything in the app is designed for the youngest children from ages 0-2+ years.  The app is easy to use, entertaining, and educational. 
The Heroes of the City Baby App Includes
  • 3 Short Movies that are the perfect length for keeping the attention of little ones
  • A cute Musical Car Dashboard with day and night themes, lots of things to tap on to make noise
  • A Color and Shape Sorting Game where little ones drag solid shapes to their corresponding outline
  • The Coloring Game is simplified to a color that changes as they draw
  • Last a Balloon Game where the Heroes fly up in balloons for little ones to pop with a very silly Calamity Crow
 My Thoughts
I really like this app!  My boys are 2-4 years and they both can play this app together on my phone.  TOGETHER!!!  They can watch the movies that are short enough to keep their attention.  They can touch all of the things on the musical dashboard and change it from day to night.  They also take turns coloring without the trouble of having to select colors.
The boys spend most of their time on the last two parts of the app.  I think they could play the color and shape sorting game for hours.  I don’t mind so much because it’s really helping both boys with recognition of shapes and colors, matching, and eye hand coordination.  Each time they line the three shapes up the screen explodes into stars and applause and they get so excited!
The balloon app is the other game they enjoy playing.  Colorful balloons slowly float up one by one with different Heroes inside and the idea is to pop them before they reach the top of the screen.  After ten balloons are popped there is a loud applause and a bonus balloon with Calamity Crow dangling below floats across the screen.  That’s the balloon that keeps my boys playing over and over again!  When they pop Calamity Crow’s balloon he makes a silly noise and they laugh uncontrollably!  I love to hear them laughing from their bellies and playing so well together!
I really like this app because it’s short and sweet.  By that I mean, it’s not so involved that you loose your child to the device that they’re playing.  The boys are interacting with me the whole time.  It’s younger for my boys but at the same time it’s the perfect age because it’s easier for them to manipulate than other more advanced games.  This is a great beginner game to teach children the eye hand coordination skills needed for touch screen devices.  The games are short and easy enough for two children to share and keep them entertained.  Of course I have to state the complete obvious that it’s absolutely free with no advertising or in-app purchases.
I wish I had this when my guys were younger!  I’ve found that I can be creative with this app to continue to make it challenging and educational for my boys (to satisfy the overachiever mama that I am).  Since they’re on the higher end of the age range I’ll ask them to name the shape and color before matching them up in the sorting game.  In the balloon game I modify it by asking them to count in english or spanish as they pop each balloon.  So no real cons!  We love our Heroes of the City!
Find the Heroes of the City Baby App Here
Apple iTunes App Store 
Android Google Play Store 
Heroes of the City YouTube Channel 
Full Disclosure
I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Heroes of the City.  If you would like to view the apps please use the links provided.  I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.  Thank you as always for reading and your ongoing support!

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