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Results of Natural Skin Care Experiment

Natural Skin Care

At long last, here are the results of my month long all natural skin care experiment.  I’ve combined weeks 3 and 4 to bring you my conclusion.  If you haven’t read the previous posts of this experiment then I’ve got to say you’re a bit late to the party my friend! 🙂

I decided to conduct a little beauty experiment on myself using an all-natural facial cleanser for one month to see what the results would be.  I’m still using my face wash at night because with my sensitive skin and acne history that could end up being disastrous.  In the mornings however I only use water (my all-natural facial cleanser) to rinse my face.  The experiment is to see what will happen by decreasing the use of a chemical wash by 50%.

I feel like my skin has undergone the most phenomenal transformation!

I have found so many benefits from washing my face in the mornings with water and decreasing my usage of a chemical cleanser.  I still need some form of soap before bed to remove my makeup.  I wear makeup every day and I have to remove it every day with face wash or I will breakout (I just want to make that understood).  In this past month…

  • I have seen my pores shrink
  • My skin became less oily
  • My skin purged toxins (mild whiteheads that wiped away with cleansing)
  • I saw no more acne including cystic acne healed
  • My skin became tighter (it even itched like it was healing)
  • There was less redness (almost like rosacea was healing)

This list alone is a reason to try cleansing with water in the mornings!

To start give yourself a full month to see the changes.  It takes a while for your skin to adjust to a new regimen.  Learn from my mistakes in my previous posts and be consistent with your products.  Wash your face with cleanser before bed and use a good moisturizer.  Then in the morning simply rinse your face with a warm washcloth several times to help open your pores.  Now don’t scrub your face raw but do try to massage away the previous night’s moisturizer.  Finish with a refreshing cold splash to help close the pores and prep your skin for a good moisturizer (with broad-spectrum SPF).

The idea is you went to bed with a clean face so you’re waking up with a clean face.

By using water you’re not stripping your skin of natural oils.  When your skin is stripped of natural oil it goes into shock and produces more.  Water is chemical free (non-stripping) and much gentler on your skin.  We already know that the skin on our face and neck should be treated very gently.  So why use harsh chemicals on sensitive skin?

This is an experiment that I would strongly suggest to anyone and I do mean anyone!  I have seen so many changes in my skin for the better.  It’s so simple and yet it does take some rethinking of things.  It’s a little strange at first to not use face wash before applying makeup.  After experimenting on myself and seeing the difference I will continue to try and limit the amount of chemicals that I use on my face.

However, when I went to the store to buy some glycerin soap (yeah, they didn’t have any at Ulta) I still found myself drawn to all of the fun products.  I guess I’ll forever remain a product junkie at heart (^shrug^).

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