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Hand Print Mother’s Day Cards

Hand Print Mother’s Day Cards

I have never been one for buying cards.  Don’t get me wrong I truly appreciate the gesture.  There is nothing like getting a card in the mail that was thoughtfully selected.  This year I really wanted to do something special for all of the new Mothers, Step-Mothers, Grandmothers, and Great Grandmothers in my life.  I wanted to send them a little keepsake that said I appreciate you for all that you have given of yourself through the years and I love you so very much.  I got some assistance from my little guys because lets face it, what is more heart warming than getting a card with their tiny little hand prints inside.  The project turned out beautifully and the message was well received.

These were all made with the easy card making craft accessories that are available at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

I used:

  • pre-folded cards & envelopes
  • scrapbook paper
  • water color paper, water colors & brushes
  • stamp pad & stamps
  • glue stick
  • latex paints & sponge paint brushes
  • and little hands

This was a fun craft and keepsake to do with my boys.  I hope you like and enjoy!

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