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All Natural Facial Cleanser : Week 2

All Natural Facial Cleanser – Week 2 Results

If you haven’t read the previous posts then you might be a bit lost.  I’ve decided to conduct a little beauty experiment on myself using an all natural facial cleanser for one month to see what the results would be.  I’m still using my face wash at night because with my sensitive skin and acne history that could be disastrous.  In the mornings I will only use water to rinse my face, hence the all natural facial cleanser.

Second Weeks Results:  Things are going smoothly and I do mean smoothly.  My skin has continued to improve and become less oily!!!  I never thought that could be possible!  Most importantly, I haven’t had any big breakouts!!!  My pores are getting smaller and have definitely released some toxins through this transition.  In my first week I had a few whiteheads but they would disappear when I would gently wash my face.  Now in week two, there are no whiteheads, no pimples, fewer blackheads, smaller pores, less oil, and no cystic acne!!!

I did have one minor setback.  I have been following the experiment and doing very well to stay within the guidelines.  But…things were going so well that I thought I would do a little deep conditioning around my eyes(don’t ask it made sense to me at the time when I was staring at my crows feet).  I did the normal wash with face wash, pat until almost dry, liberally apply moisturizer on face and neck, and then I didn’t have any eye cream so I used something I shouldn’t have.  I grabbed the boys allergy free very thick eczema cream and applied it around my eyes(I mean come on…it’s moisturizing).  In the morning I looked so refreshed and awake.  I didn’t have any puffiness around my eyes, but the rest of my face said something different.  I don’t expect to wake up looking like a supermodel but my skin shouldn’t look that uneven or oily, with redness, and enlarged pores.  I only used the cream around my eyes and my whole face reacted.  Now I understand why my dermatologist would always tell me

You can’t spot treat your skin.  If you use it one place you have to use it everywhere.

And to think that I have been doing this to myself on purpose.  I’ve used all sorts of heavy lotions around my eyes for years as well as spot treated for acne with medicine even though I was advised not to.  Now I discover that after all this time I was only disrupting the balance of my skin.  What a revelation!

However…I feel as though I’m in new territory.  I’m experiencing skin that I’ve never had before and I don’t know exactly what the rules are.  My skin feels dryer but I know that is because it’s less oily and that is a good thing…right?  My skin feels tighter but that’s because it’s healthier from not damaging it with harsh chemicals from face wash twice a day…right?  One of the comments left by a reader suggested using glycerine soap because it is more natural and helps the skin to retain more moisture.  Maybe I’ll become an all natural product person who uses scented oils instead of perfumes because they don’t contain alcohol and dry out your skin.  Or even better, I could start using infused olive oil instead of lotion to get a natural more intense body moisturizer.  Who knows where this little experiment will lead…

So Here We Go!  2 More Weeks To Better Healthier Skin! 

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  • Have you ever heard of washing your face with just water?
  • Have you tried this before?
  • How do you remove makeup?
  • Do you have any bizarre methods of skin maintenance to share?

*I have received some wonderful comments from my readers and I’m loving the feedback.  Please continue to follow along and share your thoughts*

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