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Health and Healing with Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

I’ve been struggling with a back injury since July 4th 2013.  It finally put me out of work in August when I couldn’t stand for long periods of time.  I could tell I wasn’t able to give my all to my clients when they were in my chair and that doesn’t sit well with me.  I don’t ever want to do sub-par work!  I try to provide an experience for my clients when they come to see me to get their hair colored.  After all it’s not about me, it’s all about them and whatever I can do to put a smile on their face.  That makes me happy!

At first when I went home I dove into reading just like always.  Only that couldn’t satisfy my need for personal interaction.  Morning talk shows (I love Kelly & Michael) are very entertaining but they’re not very good listeners!  I started this blog when I was healthy back in February 2013 with no idea really of what I was doing or where it was going.  I wrote a few posts at first after I figured things out but it seemed like no one was interested in what I had to say.  I got busy with the boys, life, work, and sort of pushed my blog to the side.  After I had several procedures and showed no improvement I realized I was going to be off work for a while.  I was left unable to do anything but lay around and wait.  That’s when I found that my blog was still there waiting for me.  It has ended up being exactly what I’ve needed to get through this period in my life.

I began writing again but it was different this time.  I began to journal my memories for myself and my family.  In my blog I intentionally put an emphasis on positive thinking because even though I do aspire to be positive in everything I do…I have my moments.  Going through a debilitating injury can be a bit depressing but having a prominent reminder to stay positive was so helpful!  Writing down my memories of the boys filled my heart with joy and at times made my eyes swell with tears of happiness.  Having this blog took my mind off of the negative and reminded me of the positive.  When I started to feel down I could feel myself slowly slipping away down a rabbit hole…disappearing.  But no, that’s not me!  I don’t have that luxury!  That’s not who I am!  I would cling to positive thinking like a life preserver and pull myself out of my misery.  I have an enormous responsibility to myself and my family to keep my head up, to stay strong in my faith, and to patiently trust that there would be a solution to my pain!

I have connected with some very wonderful people while stretching and growing in this new endeavor.  My blog and my blogging friends have saved me from boredom and probably insanity!  Even though I spend most of my days by myself until my family comes home I never feel alone or lonely.  My lovely friends have helped me with any questions I have and turned me into a virtual computer wiz (maybe I shouldn’t go that far).  Thank you to my friends for everything…I appreciate you all more than you know!

As far as my back goes it’s getting better with every passing day.  I had surgery March 24th and I felt better immediately after coming out of anesthesia!  Now it’s just a healing and strengthening process.  I’m scheduled to go back to work mid June and I couldn’t be happier!  I miss doing hair and I miss my salon!  Coloring hair is such a great outlet for my creative energy…but now I know it’s not my only option.  I must admit I’ve fallen in love with writing!  I’ve been told the more you write the better you get so we’ll just see about that.  I try to share positive thinking with everyone because it influences everything that I do.  Both in hair and in writing, positive thinking guides my heart as it flows from me and calms my soul.  A release.  Peacefulness…                                                                                                                                      Who knows where this will go.  Who knows what it will be.  Right now I’m writing for me!

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