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1st Weeks Results Using an All Natural Facial Cleanser

All Natural Facial Cleanser – Week 1 Results

This Beauty Experiment is so fun and exciting for me to do!  It seems silly that I’ve never considered something simple like using water as an all natural facial cleanser.  As I mentioned in my initial post I was a poor unfortunate soul growing up and suffered from acne as soon as I hit those awkward years.  My dear sweet Father knew that this was to be the case.  At the first signs (pimples…bleh)  he took me to the drugstore to purchase my first facial products.  From that moment forward I was taught to wash my face both day and night with my new face wash.  My Dad instructed me to never touch my face, to never rest my face on my hand or the receiver of the phone (yes way back in the good old days before everyone had cell phones), and to never scratch, pick, or pop (cringe!!!) anything on my face.  Dad did pretty good I think knowing that I was predisposed to have terrible acne.

This is what I was taught and I did what I was told without question.

First Week Results:  This first week has been eye opening!!!  I have held true to the Beauty Experiment and have been washing my face with water only in the mornings.  This is the only thing that I’ve changed in my routine so that I can be sure all changes in my skin are from washing with water.  I have continued to use my cleanser at night time to remove makeup, dirt, and oil (yuk).  I’m afraid if I eliminated this step that my skin might breakout like crazy!!!

I started seeing changes in my skin by the 4th day.  I have seriously been waking up every morning and examining my face in the mirror.  I have never felt more self obsessed than I do right now!!!  I’ve noticed that my pores are getting visibly smaller.  This is very promising!  I’ve also noticed that by the end of the day my face is less oily which allows my makeup to last longer.  These are all very very positive results and exactly what I was hoping to find!

But…it seems that my skin needs to go through a transition or an adjustment period before it completely balances out.  I haven’t had what I would call a breakout but I’ve had a bunch of random tiny whiteheads that come up and go away by themselves(sorry I have to include all of the gory details).  I know in the past whenever I was seeing the dermatologist and we would begin a new skin regimen that sometimes my face would have to get worse before it would get better.  I’m hoping that this is the case for my little experiment but time will tell.

So Here We Go!  3 More Weeks To Better Healthier Skin!
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  • Have you ever heard of washing your face with just water?
  • Have you tried this before?
  • How do you remove makeup?
  • Do you have any bizarre methods of skin maintenance to share?

I have received some wonderful comments from my readers and I’m loving the feedback.  Please continue to follow along and share your thoughts.

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