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Date Night

So in Love with Date Night

It’s always so nice when the hubby and I get to have a night out. In the beginning, we insisted that we didn’t need a date night…that there was nothing that we wanted to do without our little guys. As much as we love spending all of our time with the boys it’s nice to get one night off and miss them a little. We find ourselves looking forward to having a chance to get out of the house and to just do something different. We are always so excited about our night of freedom and yet we find ourselves watching other children, talking about our boys, or even indulging in buying a special little something to show we were thinking about them when they were away.

Date night is a night when I like to get dressed in something special and do my hair and makeup just so…just like I did when we were dating in college. I rarely get anything new, but when I do I try to pick up a new shirt for the hubs too so we have our certain ‘date night’ attire. I like the extra effort. It doesn’t happen that often and it’s nice to feel like you light up the room in your husbands eyes.

We decided a while back that this was not a night to be shared with others. This was not a night to always try to plan with friends…this was our night. Date night is a night meant for us to return to being just a couple. It’s for us to reconnect and remember the fun love and laughter that brought us together in the beginning.

This last date night we kept it simple by taking food and drinks down to the lake to listen to music by the water. We enjoyed an amazing breeze and each others conversation. Our next date we are planning is going to be a day date to go watch the game at a local pub. Either way, it’s about being with each other and getting a break from the normal routine. I think that having our dates to look forward to and to reflect back on keeps a relationship healthy and strong. A strong marriage leads to strong parents!

We are setting an example after all…

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