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Command Hook Idea for a Magnificent Mudroom

Make a Magnificent Mudroom with a little Command Hook Happiness

This is no exaggeration!  I have fallen in love with Command hooks!!!  These little happy helpers have de-cluttered my kitchen and made my dreams of a mudroom finally come true.  I bought a 6 pack of the heavy duty 5 pound 3M Command Hooks for $8 after bypassing the standard ‘get your husband to drill a bunch of holes in the walls’ more permanent type of hooks.

The Command Hooks are awesome because if you don’t like the placement or change your mind after a while it’s very easy to remove (just like the commercial we’ve all seen lately) without damaging the wall. What a simple and yet effective idea. The instructions are very simple to follow and are all on the packaging.  I quite literally did the project while my boys were eating their lunch in the kitchen…maybe 15 minutes total.

My kitchen seems to be the clutter collector.  Everyone comes in the door and drops what they have either on the table, the bar-stool, or heaven forbid the island which is so unsanitary.  I’m a true believer in the idea that

“everything has a place…and in its place is where it belongs”

So, seeing as how my dream mudroom has been a dream for the past 6 years I found a solution until that dream becomes a reality.

~an empty space now provides a place~

Before this was a blank wall without a use in my pantry/laundry room and now it is a dream come true for 15 minutes of my time and $8 out of my wallet.  These hooks paired with an over the door coat rack (bought years ago from target I think) all in the same room and I’m completely clutter free.  Now I find myself looking all over the house trying to come up with more ideas for my newly beloved Command Hooks!

The best part is I asked my lil man to hang his bag up when we got home from preschool and he did…he put it right on his very own hook and was so proud of himself!

Ahhh bliss    

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